A BIRDS EYE VIEW | Pt 1 – AD North

Nowadays it’s become the norm to only listen to an artist once they’ve blown up or started popping all other the net; especially since hip-hop is the #1 genre in the world. Within this series of short reviews on new/up and coming diverse artists, I’ll let you know why you need to have a birds eye view when you’re listening to music. Continue reading A BIRDS EYE VIEW | Pt 1 – AD North


3MMR: Episode 33 – “Ice” by Dirty K

 Valley of the Sun, what’s good! It’s that time again, so sit back, relax and let get into this week’s review! This week’s featured artist is Dirty K and his smooth delivery of frozen water on, “ICE”. Dirty K, is a young emcee, and graduate of Hamilton High, repping Chandler, Arizona. From the first note, Dirty K’s sound is smooth over a laid-back beat reminiscent to something you’d hear from Pete Rock and CL Smooth. The most enjoyable feature about this track, is the fact that Dirty stays on the same topic the entire song. Riding the beat with his relaxed delivery, and several memorable quotes, Dirty K creates a smoker “Curren$y-esque” vibe often interlacing references to ice.

Continue reading 3MMR: Episode 33 – “Ice” by Dirty K

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