3MMR: Episode 46 – “Put Me On” by Kollateral & ATB

Heads up that this candidate also came through another company.  Her resume appears to be modified to group both recent roles with Wells Fargo into one role called Operational Risk Consultant.  On your resume, she only had 3 months as an Operational Risk Consultant and on the other she has a year.  She appears to have some tracking/reporting background, but if I go off the original resume, she only has 3 months experience in this area. I’m going to decline this candidate. Continue reading 3MMR: Episode 46 – “Put Me On” by Kollateral & ATB


3MMR: Ep. 45 – “Android 18” by CincoTheWolf

What’s good citizens of Bird City!? We are back after a week off! Hope you enjoyed lots of food, friends, and family! Right now, it’s time for more wavy AZ joints from the city’s finest. This week’s featured artist, CincoTheWolf, has created his own unique sound flowing over spacey, airy, beats that are perfect for riding to or relaxing. “Android 18” is the stand out track from Cinco’s recently release EP “Pre” and the song is a lot of fun. With laid back vocals matching a relaxed beat, Cinco gives his complementary thoughts on the evolving thickness of white women by comparing them to Android 18 of Dragon Ball Z lore. Dragon Ball Z has become very popular among hip-hop enthusiasts and artists alike, and it was very smart for Cinco to make a song around one of the characters. Continue reading 3MMR: Ep. 45 – “Android 18” by CincoTheWolf

The Introduction: A New Artiste

This year has been a good one for the Arizona music scene. People have started to lend an ear to the many local artists grinding to make an impact with their music. But music isn’t the only thing that’s been moving in the city. People are making moves modeling, shooting photography, and even making movies! And then there are some people who just do multiple things. Stylz fits into this category. Continue reading The Introduction: A New Artiste

3MMR: Episode 43 – “Raindrops” by Zai Allday

Arizona, what’s good out in these streets. I been on the hunt for some new fire and found it in the form of “Raindrops” by the R&B sensation, Zai Allday.  This joint is catchy with smoky production (think drake-era “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late”) and well laid vocals, giving it high replay value. The hook is a play on the song “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head” by B.J. Thomas, and Zai sets fire from the jump singing, “Raindrops keep falling on my head now/ drippin and it’s wet now/ wave is super grow, yea/ it’s flowin, yea/”.  Zai glides easily over track with the rhythm and cadence of a skilled emcee who just so happens to be singing. Continue reading 3MMR: Episode 43 – “Raindrops” by Zai Allday

3MMR. Episode 42. Stoop Kid. “No Reply”

It’s that time again people! Wednesday is for Three Minute Music Reviews. Grab your pop corns and settle in because we got new Arizona music to get to. This week’s feature artist is Stoop Kid, and his drippy, trap-hop joint “No Reply”. “No Reply”, is contemporary hip hop at its best with its mechanical beat and simple hook: “fuck a op/ fuck a cop/ fuck a bitch in my shocks/ getting paid, getting guap/”. Stoop kid isn’t pushing the limits lyrically in any way, shape, or form, but he captures the “trap swag” vibe of the new era with his content, delivery, and beat selection.

Continue reading 3MMR. Episode 42. Stoop Kid. “No Reply”

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