“Sneakers” by Camo


3MMR: EPISODE 18 – “Won’t Let It Go” by Blade G Star

“I stop and smoke/ Don’t got time for hoes/ Roll it up and burn it slow/ Stupid blow that’s all I know/

Cold flow/ Optimo/ Genius, yeah it’s time to go/ Genius, yeah it’s time to go/”

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Weekend in Atlanta W/ “Pod”Son Radio

What’s sweeter than a Georgia peach? That’s the question I currently find myself asking as I sit 36,000 feet in the air en route back to Phoenix, AZ. The early answer is not much (check back at a later date after I go to NYC, Chicago etc). Currently, Georgia has shot to my list of preferred destinations along with me possibly purchasing a condominium downtown (if I can ever afford that baller-ific lifestyle). I’m going to take you step by step through my journey from when I first set foot into Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to right this moment, as I sit in the aisle seat of flight 1889 on my way back to Sky Harbor. Let’s Begin! Continue reading Weekend in Atlanta W/ “Pod”Son Radio

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