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Tucson Hip Hop: The Music Scene to Look Out For in 2019

When the Arizona music scene is mentioned, people automatically think of the Phoenix Metropolitan area and nothing else. This is a bit expected with Phoenix being the capital of the state. However, those who only focus on music artists making moves in the Phoenix area overlook, and deprive themselves of, the talent in other areas. Some of the artists that are often overlooked are those in the Tucson area. From my own experience, I believe this is a HUGE mistake.

Tucson has some of the most underrated artist in the state! I am confident in saying that some of the best artists reside there. In the past, I’ve covered artist like Tommy Will, who finished 2018 with a tour, and an album filled with songs produced by Kato (“K-K-Kato On The Track Bihhhh”). But there are many others who deserve to be mentioned, and my hope this year is to able to help shine a light on a few of them. But there’s one person in particular who everyone should be on the lookout for this year: Jamal Ari.

Jamal has released two albums so far: Paid In Blood & Vampcamp. His debut album gives a bit of a back story about his journey which led to him creating music, and the second album is the takeoff. Stay tuned to our coverage of new content created by these two artists, as well as other artist in the Tucson area contributing to the Arizona music scene.

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3MMR: Episode 49 – “Trillssouri” by Fuego Bentley

What’s good Bird City, Happy New Year and welcome to 2019! I hope everyone made it into the new year without any issues and is ready for some new Arizona Hip-Hop! Right out the gate for 2019, we got the lyrical flame thrower, Fuego Bentley, and his new joint, “Trillssouri”. Rapping over the over Migos’ popular “Walk It, Like I talk it” beat, Fuego aggressively cements his place on the Arizona Hip-Hop scene taunting artists in the area right from the jump, “I’m the rapper that you rappers need to be afraid of/ singing to these women like I’m Keith Sweat, but I still keep the same buzz/”. Fuego keeps a machine gun pace with his lines throughout the entirety of “Trillssouri”, and the track maintains a high level of production value. Continue reading 3MMR: Episode 49 – “Trillssouri” by Fuego Bentley

3MMR: Episode 33 – “Ice” by Dirty K

 Valley of the Sun, what’s good! It’s that time again, so sit back, relax and let get into this week’s review! This week’s featured artist is Dirty K and his smooth delivery of frozen water on, “ICE”. Dirty K, is a young emcee, and graduate of Hamilton High, repping Chandler, Arizona. From the first note, Dirty K’s sound is smooth over a laid-back beat reminiscent to something you’d hear from Pete Rock and CL Smooth. The most enjoyable feature about this track, is the fact that Dirty stays on the same topic the entire song. Riding the beat with his relaxed delivery, and several memorable quotes, Dirty K creates a smoker “Curren$y-esque” vibe often interlacing references to ice.

Continue reading 3MMR: Episode 33 – “Ice” by Dirty K

Weekend in Atlanta W/ “Pod”Son Radio

What’s sweeter than a Georgia peach? That’s the question I currently find myself asking as I sit 36,000 feet in the air en route back to Phoenix, AZ. The early answer is not much (check back at a later date after I go to NYC, Chicago etc). Currently, Georgia has shot to my list of preferred destinations along with me possibly purchasing a condominium downtown (if I can ever afford that baller-ific lifestyle). I’m going to take you step by step through my journey from when I first set foot into Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to right this moment, as I sit in the aisle seat of flight 1889 on my way back to Sky Harbor. Let’s Begin! Continue reading Weekend in Atlanta W/ “Pod”Son Radio

Deer Valley Unified School District Student Lunch Debt Campaign

Imagine sending your kids to school only to have them return with a breakfast and lunch bill. Now imagine that if you don’t pay the bill, it would be sent to a collection agency. This is not an imagination for everyone. Some parents are facing this reality. Continue reading Deer Valley Unified School District Student Lunch Debt Campaign

The Introduction: Spirit of the Forest

One of the goals of BCV is to promote the community and everyone who contributes to its growth. Phoenix is one of the top 5 largest cities in United States, which means there’s a lot of moving parts. Many of us go about our day without taking a second to appreciate who and what is around us, which usually results in us taking things for granted. Today, we are introducing a series titled “The Introduction.” Our hope is that this will promote a culture of appreciation for the people, things, and community around us. Continue reading The Introduction: Spirit of the Forest