What (Not) To Do If You’re Stuck In Traffic and Have To Go To The Bathroom

Photo by Markus Spiske

I’ve seen some crazy things on social media this week, but this one takes the cake. What would you do if you’re on the interstate, stuck in traffic, and really have to use the bathroom? Most folks would grab a water bottle, or whatever disposal container is near, and make use of it. I’m guessing this is a difficult option for women, which may explain the video below.

Someone caught video of a woman on the interstate who must’ve really had to use the restroom. In the video, it appears she decided to stop her car, get out, and splash her boots in traffic for everyone to see. Imagine being stuck in traffic and finding out that you were delayed because someone decided to use the bathroom on the freeway.

I’m not sure I’d do this out in the open for everyone to see but I guess I can’t judge until I’m in the situation. Praying that doesn’t happen.