Stick To Sports: Athletes Should No Longer Be Obligated To Speak With The Media


Historically, reporters have spoken to athletes before, during, or after the game to bring viewers closer to the them. The more we see or hear from athletes, the more we feel that we know them personally. The media has been the middleman in this process for a long time, but it no longer seems necessary.

With improvements in technology and the rise of social media, traditional media outlets are no longer needed as the middleman to access athletes. We can just follow LeBron James on twitter, or watch Kevin Durant’s videos on youtube. Fans can now get the message directly from the source. No more false narratives created by beat writers looking to make a story or name for themselves, and athletes wouldn’t have to worry about being misquoted.

Many believe that athletes should just fulfill their media obligations even if they are opposed to speaking with the media. Fact is, many athletes do not like speaking with the media, especially after a loss. Besides, players have a platform to access the public. The media obligation no longer serves the purpose it once did. Lately, certain “fans” have said that athletes should stick to sports. It has taken me some time, and although I disagree with their reasons, I finally agree. Players should be left to go to practice, play the game, and go home without any obligation to speak with the media, work with a charity, or any other promotions. Players should be allowed to just stick to sports.