From Homeless to Hollywood: Arizona’s Next Big Thing!

Peoria, AZ – Walking into an unfamiliar home studio is actually not that unfamiliar to me. In my line of work, I visit various studios and meet with various artist (at times, I jump behind the mic myself to drop a few bars). This night in particular, as I quietly entered the studio, I heard a calming voice bellowing out over a soothing acoustic.

Coming inside to a soundproof plastered red walls and enough instruments to start a band, I sat out of focus gazing curiously at the man I was there to meet as he zoned out to the rhythm of the beat with the confidence of a true professional. I don’t even think he noticed I was there yet. Now I’m not sure if he was free-styling, or rehearsing, but the shit was amazing.

After watching the electric 22 year old for another minute, I was eager to start the interview with that same energy he was radiating, so I made my approach. “BrownBoi Maj” I greeted him glowingly. “You ready?” He replied with a handshake. “Yes Sir!” We sat down to start the interview. I would soon come to find out that I wasn’t ready for what I was about to learn.

PS: “What got you into music?”

BBM: “What got me into music was T-Pain and Akon, I would just find beats on YouTube and write 5 songs a day.”

PS: “When did you drop your first project?”

BBM: “When I was 17, 18…it was more of a rock project.”

PS: “Can you talk to us about being homeless?”

BBM: “I knew I wanted to make music, I told myself Fuck a Plan B, like Lavar Ball said when you have a plan B you put 80% into one and 20% into another. When I was homeless, I knew I wanted to make music, I didn’t want another job and now it’s paying off.”

PS: “Why were you homeless?”

BBM: “My mom kicked me out, she said I was eating all the food it was either, stay and go to college or get a job and pay rent-but all of the money I had was going to studio time. So I was bouncing from couch to couch. [Luckily] some friends believed in me, shout-out to TK who took me in and taught me everything I know! Shoutout to Jared also!”

PS: “Talk about working with Bootleg Kev.”

BBM: “I already knew who Bootleg was, he hit me up and said I think you’re dope, next thing you know I meet him at a sushi spot and from there he says I’m interested in managing you. I’m thinking it’s a dream, to a few months later I live with him now. He looks out for me and makes sure I have the best of everything, and does what he can for me. Working with him has been a blessing. That man is legit!”

PS: “What’s next for 2018?”

BBM: “People [are] stuck on taking over the city and the state. We’re taking over the world in 2018 we’re not with the small stuff. I’m going to take over the world. We’re not with the small stuff. We want to take everything over. I want to build a park up the street [in Peoria] and a High School. Im not a bout chains, watches, or balenciagas. I want to give back to the community I’m from because I know how hard it is to make it out of here. I want to make opportunities for some people. That’s my goal.”

So the pressure is on for BrownBoi Maj going forward to perform, flying under the radar is over. Pressure busts pipes or makes diamonds, as the old saying goes. Phoenix, we may have found a diamond in the desert.

Check out Brownboi Maj’s lastest tracks on Soundcloud, and his latest videos on Youtube.