Touched by an Angel: Atlanta Artist Franceauthagod born without vocal chords, is burning up the Scene

Being a talented musician is tough enough, now try doing it without a voice. Atlanta’s 21-year-old up and comer “Franceauthegod” is doing just that. Born without vocal chords and a throat the size of a straw the odds were always stacked against this young man and yet he continues to transcend the word disability while confidently overcoming the challenges placed in front of him.

As he builds his ever growing portfolio around Atlanta, he’s also headed toward a national stage rapidly with upcoming performances in Orlando & Tampa, Florida this upcoming weekend, along with 4 completed tours. His social media fan base is also currently at an uptick along with current single “100 Times A Day” surpassing 65,000 views in less than 2 months.

All of his impressive accomplishments can be credited directly to sheer drive & determination, still showing a scar on his neck from early age surgery you can feel his pain in his voice when he raps through the captivating raspy tone, which is comparable to legends such as D.O.C. & Keek Da Sneak. Most people take a “why me” approach while Franceuthagod is a living example of “why not?” No matter what odds you’re ever up against or unfortunate circumstances you’re born into, this Atlanta, GA artist should remind all of us, it’s always MIND over MATTER.

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