KDXVL Release New Album: “PreCaution”

Download/Listen: “PreCaution” by KDXVL

The day is finally here! No, I’m not talking about side-piece day, the day after Valentine’s Day where the other continues getting attention after that one day vacation from… never mind. The new album from KingDom (KDXVL), PreCaution, is now out and available on all platforms (listed above).

The album is a quick, but solid listen. With only 7 songs, totaling 22 minutes, you can peep the full album in traffic to or from work. Make sure to click one of the links above, have a listen, and come back with your thoughts on the album!

Be sure to look out for the upcoming visual for the single, Parades! It’s currently set to be released Saturday, February 23, 2019, but you can watch the video release promo below. Enjoy!