“So Cold” by Dexter Soul

Every once in a while, I got through and binge listen to independent music all over the internet. For me, it’s like taking it back to the beginning when I first started to blog and post on social media about indie artist. It’s how I put together the first couple of BCV sound cloud playlist. This helped me find a few gems, in regards to indie artists, in AZ and around the country. If you haven’t checked out those list, take a quick listen.

So, today, I jumped back into the routine. After a few songs, I came across a mellow beat matched with a similarly mellow delivery. What I like about the song is that it isn’t overly complex. It flows, retains your attention, and the delivery throughout doesn’t seem to be an obvious copy of a mainstream style. The song is titled “So cold” by Dexter Soul. Listen below.

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