“Final Form” by Sampa The Great

After listening to this song, I must say that I am very disappointed. Ridiculous! Why did no one tell me about Sampa The Great?! I am disappointed in everyone who kept her a secret!

If you have not heard this song or seen the video, check it out now! I won’t keep this gem a secret like others have done to me. Sampa The Great is a rapper from Zambia who is preparing for the release of her new album, The Return, available now for pre-order (I am already set for my copy). The released single, Final Form, is from the upcoming album.

In the already released video, Sampa shares her culture throughout. The video, shot in Zambia, is one of the most unique and authentic that I’ve watched recently from the dancing to the attire. The lyrics and the delivery give me a 90’s type of feel, reminding me of rapper Eve. Honestly, I do not know why she is not talked about more, or considered one of the dopest artists out there at this moment. Visit Sampa The Great’s website, check out her already released songs and videos, and let me know what you think.

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