“My Vibe” by Jackson Reese

“My Vibe” by Jackson Reese is an acquired taste. At first, it’s slow with little lyrical appeal. But as the song goes on, and you begin to focus on the lyrics, depending on the mood you’re in, you begin to vibe out a bit.

The song is not meant to be played in the club or to go viral on social media. This song is for kicking back and enjoying a drink or some other recreational activities. This song is to be played when you feel invincible and don’t care. At least that’s what I get from it. If it weren’t for the hook, I’m not sure I would have gotten into the song like I did. “I just don’t care of I’m popping. I’m just don’t care if I’m top 10. I’ma just still be on top man. I’m cool with just living my life!” To me, this sets the tone for the whole track. It gives you a glimpse of what Reese’s mindset and mood was as he wrote and delivered the lyrics.

Take a listen to the track and let me know what you think! You can find more music and news about Jackson Reese on Instagram and his official website.

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