“Lite Werk” by Alpha

I felt this was the perfect song to introduce to everyone on a Saturday morning. “Lite Werk” by Alpha23, released just a few days ago on August 30, 2019, sets a mellow and laidback tone. If you start the day with this bop, you are off to a good start.

Lite Werk has a simple rhyme scheme that resembles rap in the 90s. The delivery is clear, and there are no distractions on the track to divert the listener away from the lyrics. That’s a problem most artists have when releasing new music nowadays. However, it seems Alpha is seasoned enough to avoid this mistake. This song is a solid rotational song, but it’s probably not going to lead off a top 10 playlist or club mix.

There isn’t much information available on Alpha23. I was able to discover that he is an artist from Atlanta, GA trying to expand his reach. Alpha’s music is currently available on multiple streaming platforms. Subscribe to him on your Kathleen of choice, and give him a listen. Give us your feedback below.

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