“Easily Paid” by Nate Shines ft. Kruz

Nate Shines delivers a great old school hip hop sound in his new release titled “Easily Paid” featuring Kruz. Although the vibe you get from the song suggests east coast roots, Shines is actually from Altadena, CA (just outside of Los Angeles). However, his music is influenced by some of his favorite artists such as Q-Tip and Guru, which explains the sound.

Shines is new to the mic, putting out just his third single. Still, he showcases skills of someone familiar with the studio. Easily Paid is delivered with a laidback style. The presentation of the song seems easy. The song stands out from many others released in this era of hip-hop. The message is simple and clear. However, its the simplicity of the song that will determine whether it makes it on the listeners playlist. If you are into the old school style, this is a must add. If you are into the new school hip hop, you may want more originality and creativity. If the listener is like me, and enjoys both the new and old school, I think this song must added to the rotation to give the playlist some variety and a golden era touch.

The previous singles released by Shines are “Bringing’ It Back” and “Cypher Will Call.” Shines’s music is available on major streaming platforms like Apple Music, Soundcloud, Spotify, and Amazon Music. Shine can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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