Madanii x L:Lucid Release A New Single Titled “Sober”

Madanii & L:Lucid have just released a single titled Sober. It’s the first of five singles that will be released from their upcoming EP, which has yet to be named. The song is available on Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

Although titled Sober, the song is better described with words like “seductive” and “intoxicating” based on the feelings the music creates. The duo is known to mix separate yet unique sounds to create catchy tunes. This process stems from their individual pasts of feeling like outsiders, hiding their differences, whether it be cultural, stylistic, or otherwise, from the outside world. Now, their collective goal is to embrace the feeling of not being normal and embody it in their music.

Honestly, if the first song (out of the five to be released) out of the gate sounds like this, I’m ready to start a petition to have the remaining songs follow up quickly. Check out the official music video below and give us your feedback. You can find the duo on Facebook (Madanii & L:Lucid) or Instagram (Madanii & L:Lucid) pages.

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