A MUST LISTEN: “Bagz” by Fendi Cruz

Honestly, “Bagz” by Fendi Cruz is one of the hottest songs I’ve heard this year! No cap! Fitted or snapback! Cruz is a Dominican Femcee who was raised in New York, but currently pursuing her goals in Cali. She exposing the advantage she has over other artists by rapping in both english and spanish. This song HAS TO BE HEARD! This was not a song I had to learn to love after a few times through. I pressed play and was like, “OH SH*T!”

I would love to hear some feedback about this song. I feel this is where I say something like “mark my words” and add my prediction about where the peak of this song will be. Maybe I am too hyped right now after listening to the song, but I see “Bagz” going places, or at least it should. You can find “Bagz” on Apple Music and Spotify. For more info on Fendi Cruz, follow/subscribe to her pages on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.

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