Rationale & Ayelle release “Hurts The Most”

Rationale & Ayelle recently released a new single titled “Hurts The Most.” The R&B song is introduced with an early 90s type of sound present by an acapella intro by Ayelle. After she wraps up the first verse with the hook, Rationale enters the song with a roaring voice.

The song speaks about the transition from the earlier stages of a relationship where things are not routine but instant driven by passion. Honestly, this song is what I call a mood song. Depending on your mood, this song may hit you a bit different. For me, this is a good song for a Saturday morning. At this time, the tasks of the day have not yet influenced my mood, so a quick listen to this track puts me in a reflective mood. Again, that is just me. I am curious to hear what the song does for others.

The song is currently available on Apple Music an Spotify. Download the track and give us your feedback.

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