LateNightJiggy serves up a new track titled “Mimosas”

EVERY DJ in your city should be playing this song at the peak hour of the party! This song has the potential to turn nervous eye contact from across the room into two strangers dancing pegaito.

Although the video is now available on YouTube, you can still add the audio to your playlist rotation if you are subscribed to Apple Music or Spotify. You can find JIG on social media via Instagram and Twitter.

LateNightJiggy, or JIG, released a visual for “Mimosas” on September 30th to close out the month. In just four days, the video has already earned 4K views on YouTube. As expected from the song’s title, the video features lots of Mimosas being served at a backyard pool party. The lyrics also include both English and Spanish, a rare skill that seems to be trending upward nowadays.

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