Guys, does your girlfriend or wife always ask wether she looks good? Does she ask you this question consistently, maybe a few times a week? I’m sure you’ve stopped and wondered why she would ask such a question when she should already know how you feel. “Is she testing me?” I’m sure many guys have been here before and have wondered how they should respond. Nic D, independent artist from Culpeper, VA, turned this situation into a song titled “Intentions” and included the answer within.

Nic switches it up throughout the song by singing and talking over a guitar and a beat, reassuring the subject of the song that if it’s her intention to deliver a message to him, he has received it. “Make her feel good.” He continues by convincing her that his attention is hers. Nic adds a few other comforting lines to leave no doubt in his wife’s mind.

“Intentions” can be found on most streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify.

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