Josiah Bell releases New EP titled “P.S. I Still Love You”

Josiah Bell has released a new album titled P.S. I Still Love You, now available on all streaming platforms. The 7-track album centers around romantic relationships, identifying the obstacles, and making sacrifices towards a solution. When listening to this album, you’ll experience the journey of a man who is changing after realizing the true value of the love of his life and the possibility of losing her. The process and motivation behind the album was explained in a short video posted by Bell prior to the release of the album.

I started a bit out of order, listening first to Nothing Without You, the second track of the EP. The song begins with Bell stating if he did not think of his girl’s absence and hid behind his ego, he would be able to go on about things with no problem. However, when dealing with the truth and silencing his ego, he is forced to admit he is nothing without her. Basically, the theme of the song is trading in your ego for something more important, true love. This has already become my favorite song of the album. I’ve probably listened to it a good 20 times already, at the least (almost know all of the words, no lie).

P.S. I Still Love You is Bell’s debut album. After releasing as far back as 2016, and featuring for other artists, Josiah Bell finally made the jump and released a project of his own. Be sure to download and stream the full EP on all major streaming platforms (Direct EP links: Apple Music, Spotify). For more news and info about Josiah Bell, follow him on Instagram or visit

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