“Miami Way” by Zaro Vega

Zaro Vega has just released a new single titled “Miami Way” earlier this month. This is the first of two songs Zaro has planned to release this month. The song was written, performed, produced, mixed, and mastered all by Zaro.

The most interesting thing about this song, to me at least, is that Zaro also performed the vocals in the chorus. Yeah, what you thought was a woman’s voice was actually Zaro. He explained that he recorded himself first, then went heavy on the effects. I’ve seen plenty of artist delay putting a song out because they needed vocals or verses from other artists. Zaro didn’t let that stand in his way. He used all of his tools to knock this one out.

The song was inspired by a desire to create something different and step out of his norm. “Miami Way” was actually created during Zaro’s trip to Miami. He took the energy he felt from the city on his vacation in the song.

Miami Way is currently available on Apple Music and Spotify. For the latest music and updates about Zaro Vega, be sure to follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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