Eric Ryan shares his heartbreaking experience with the release of “Summer/Autumn”

If you polled the masses, you’d probably believe it were impossible for men to be in tune with or express their feelings. However, if we needed only one piece of evidence to rebut the popular opinion, Eric Ryan just presented it to us with the release of his single titled “Summer/Autumn”.

Eric Ryan, a 23 year old from Toronto, Ontario, released this new single in early September 2019. The song is influenced by an experience with a past relationship that started in the Summer of 2016 and ended that Autumn. Eric revealed the experience was the first time he felt deeply about someone else, and that afterwards, he felt his heart was outside of his body. Basically, it seems the song is basically the manifestation of his first heartbreak. The song includes how he felt through the process and how he got through it.

Summer/Autumn is available on Apple Music and Spotify. For more music, news, or info about Eric Ryan, you can follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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