Annika Grace claims and redefines her title as a “Crazy, Stupid, B**ch”

I can hardly explain why this songs goes hard to me. But let’s start with my initial thoughts. This song is by a female artist with a strong voice taking control of her identity. That’s what today is all about! That’s 2019 and, I expect, 2020, as well. Now, I understand she’s calling herself a name some may look down on, but, she’s owning it AND repeats it as if she’s proud of it (at 2:05 of the song).

The artist, Annika Grace, wrote this song to bring light to the way women act towards each other. As she explains it, women call each other names, go behind each other’s backs, and tear each other down with words constantly, even during today’s girl power movement. From her own personal experience, Annika was called a ‘Crazy Stupid Bitch’ by someone she thought to be a close friend. Long story short, without the juicy details (sorry), this song was born from that incident. This song allowed Annika the opportunity to channel and turn the hurt she felt at the time to an opportunity to release and gain power back from the person not identified in the song.

This song is currently available on Apple Music and Spotify, and has been added to our “Best You’ve Never Heard” playlist on both Spotify and Soundcloud. For more information or news from Annika Grace, you can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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