“All In My Head” by VSN Black

Today, we have a new R&B vibe titled “All In My Head” from VSN Black, a multi-talented artist from Edmonton, Canada. The track has a slow and mellow sound which sets the tone perfectly for the lyrics. Here, VSN describes his attraction to a woman he anticipates seeing at an after party.

Usually I don’t share much feedback in my write ups, but felt it was necessary with this submission. My overall opinion? I dig the song. It sets a listening atmosphere. What does that mean? It’s when a song comes on and gives you this feeling that you need to sit down and listen. This song definitely has that effect. However, I don’t believe it is all good. I feel more could’ve be done with this track. The biggest change I’d suggest would be the end of the track. The song seems to just fade in the middle of the verse. I really am not sure if it was intended or an error that occurred during the upload.

“All In My Head” is currently available on Spotify and Apple Music. For more information about VSN Black, follow him on Instagram.

UPDATE: VSN confirmed the ending of the track was intentional.

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