VIDEO: “Killshot 2” by Dax

It’s a new week which means it’s time to introduce you to new music. This week, we are sharing a song titled “Killshot 2” by Dax. Now I must admit, we are a bit late sharing this song in comparison with the exposure it has already received, but we still elected to move forward with it because of the message and share it with those who may not have seen it yet.

The video was released September 6, 2019 and has earned more than two million plays on youtube. I assume the reason the video has spread so fast in just three months is the graphic images in the video. Throughout, Dax is seen killing eleven individuals who are blindfolded and tied up in a warehouse. But prior to seeing this, Dax explains in text at the very beginning of the video that the video is symbolic, and the eleven individuals represent the demons he has faced in the six months prior to the release of the video. Those demons were fear, self-doubt, anxiety, loneliness, fame, failure, jealousy, money, rejection, revenge, and haters. The lyrics throughout the song explain the actions throughout the video.

For those of you who do not already know of Dax, he is a 24 year old artist from Ottawa, ON of Nigerian descent. Many know the artist from the “Cash Me Outside” song he released in early 2017 featuring soundbites from Danielle Bregoli (the “cash me outside” girl). The Nigerian-Canadian artist has worked hard to grow his online presence and fans since, and has just recently begun his first Canadian tour after finishing an American tour.

For more information about Dax, be sure to visit his website or follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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