Outrageous Karina Releases “Anxiety” Video Discussing Effects of Unhealthy Relationships

New music video from Outrageous Karina, a rapper from San Jose, CA. Although the audio track was released earlier this year, the video was recently released in early October 2019 on YouTube and Vevo.

Karina presents Anxiety with a slow and smooth delivery, favoring an early 2000 hip hop vibe. In this song, Karina focuses on expressing her feelings about a relationship that’s pulled her back from being a confident and “savage” individual to suffering from anxiety and insecurity. The song taps into a common situation where an individual finds herself involved in an emotionally draining relationship. Throughout the song, Karina shares some of the effects of this type of relationship. She reveals that she should have limited her suffering, but then promises not to allow herself to end up in a similar situation again.

Anxiety is currently available on Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud. For more information about Outrageous Karina, you can visit her official website or follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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