Bknott Releases New Video For “Ambrosia” Set In 1970s Brooklyn

Would Mario be Mario without mushrooms? In his new video, Ambrosia, Bknott presents a “That ’70s Show” style round table skit where he and others question and discuss random topics. The skit is placed in the middle of the music video which is set in the late 70s. During the beginning of the video, with the hook and first verse playing in the background, you can see others shopping and bringing food and drinks over to Bknott’s place for a get together. One of the containers brought to the party was labeled ambrosia.

If you are like me, after noticing the title of the song matched the label of this mysterious container, you probably wondered “what is this Ambrosia stuff?” According to Greek mythology, ambrosia is the food or drink of the gods, which causes longevity or immortality for those who partake. In this video, ambrosia was a powder mixed and made into a drink, kool-aid, that was served to everyone. I can only assume that the message or meaning of the music video, considering the lyrics of the hook, is that Bknott is on another level, here to stay, and bypassing all obstacles. If I’m wrong, which I’m pretty sure I am, I’ll update this article once corrected.

The audio for Ambrosia is currently available on Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud. The music video is available on YouTube, which can be accessed below. Be sure to check out the full video and share you take away from the video.

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