Demola releases video for “Gbedu” featuring Davido

Image by Lloyd Mackayi

New music video from Demola titled Gbedu (beh-do), featuring Davido. The audio version of the song was released in September of this year and the music video followed closely behind, being released in late October. Gbedu, which directly translates to big drum, describes the beat or rhythm at the center of this and other Nigerian Hip Hop hits. However, the term has taken on other meanings, like to party, as the genre becomes more popular.

Demola is a Nigerian-born singer, songwriter, and violinist. Although he has created great music by fusing different genres like funk, hip-hop, and dancehall, he may be more known for his skills with the violin. His new collaboration with Davido, who is currently one of the top Nigerian Artists, is sure to bring more attention to these other skills.

You can find the audio version of Gbedu on Spotify and Apple Music. For more news about Demola, follow his social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter.

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