Saint Lewis & Kennyflowers Push The Limits of Music With The Release of “Fuckboy”

If some guys were 100% honest, told women exactly what they wanted, and turned it into a song, Fuckboy by Saint Lewis and Kennyflowers would likely be the result. In their first collaboration, these two artists created a bold and unique song about a man who has identified his flaws when dealing with relationships, but has decided to stick by them.

The song is titled Fuckboy, which is a term that has different definitions depending on the person you ask. The goal for Saint Lewis and Kennyflowers with this song was to push the boundaries of music, testing how far they can take it while having a bit of fun at the same time.

Fuckboy is currently available on Spotify and Apple Music. Be sure to connect with Saint Lewis and Kennyflowers for more music and information.