“My Whole Life” By Tony Thames

We finally made it to the end of the week! The work week is done, and we now we get to relax and enjoy our homes or go out and party the stress away. Whatever we do, music is most likely going to be involved. What better opportunity than this weekend to introduce a new song into your song rotation. Today, we introduce you to Tony Thames and his new singled titled My Whole Life.

The song is a smooth mix between R&B and rap, featuring dynamic vocals from Thames. The rap verse near the end came as a bit of a surprise to me. Not that I didn’t think Thames had it in him, but usually artists don’t have both skills in their arsenal. He spoke about his journey as an artist, comparing where he thought he would be compared to where he wants to go. A few bars caught my attention, pressing rewind a few times to hear it again. “I thought by now I’d be covering in ice; hope I can cover the rent. I thought by now I’d be platinum like twice; last album, double cement.”

My Whole Life is currently available on Apple Music (SMH), but is available on both Spotify and SoundCloud (linked below). Let us know what you think! We have already added the song to both our playlists because this was a “must add” for us!