I must admit, I’m late getting to this song. I can give you all the excuses (reviewing many submissions and the holidays) but I won’t…add to the excuses I’ve already cited between the parenthesis. But, though this song was released back in early November 2019, it’s still relatively new and a “must listen” if you are looking for be music with a nice vibe. Youth by Chris Bloom and Nobu Sounds has since released a video and gathered 1.9k views on YouTube.

The song is interesting because you have a young artist explaining to other young adults to live in the now and enjoy their youth while they can. Usually, older adults are heard telling young adults this messages. That advice is ignored, usually, because of the atmosphere we live in now which tells us to work hard while you’re young and it’ll pay off later. The song illustrates the thought process and realization by Chris Bloom that he won’t always be young and able to do the things he can now. Youth was created to inspire others to live their dreams now.

Youth is available for streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud. As previously mentioned, the video is also available on YouTube, but added below for easy access. Let us know what you think about this one. You can find Chris Bloom on Instagram and Twitter. Also, be sure to follow Nobu Sounds on Instagram and Twitter.

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