“Cold Blooded” by Muyinza

New music from Boston based artist, Muyinza, titled Cold Blooded. This song is as cold as the description of the title. Well put together with a crisp sound on the level of main stream productions. This R&B jam was released back in November and still making its rounds to new listeners one ear at a time.

Muyinza describes himself as an emotionally honest hip hop artist. It’s the way he approaches making music. He expresses himself through his lyrics in the form of storytelling and complete openness. In Cold Blooded, Muyinza unleashes the thoughts of his mind. He didn’t approach it as a song, but instead as therapy, letting out the pain trapped within for years while hoping to connect with others going through something similar.

Cold Blooded is available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify with the video now available on YouTube. For more information about Muyinza, connect with him on Instagram and Twitter.