You should be watching “Gentefied” on Netflix

For many minorities in the United States, it’s not everyday that you can find a story that you can relate to on a major streaming network. If there is a show or movie available, it’s usually something that was released “back in the day” as your parents would say, or found somewhere near the back of a category at the bottom of the category list. However, Netflix has released a new original series titled “Gentefied” that it recommended and placed near the top for me to see. After watching the preview, I did what I am recommending that you do, began watching the series right away!

Now when I say this series is good, I mean really good. I am not that ashamed to say I watched the whole first season within a day or so. Before you judge me, start watching it for yourself. The series is about a few individuals in a family, living in Boyle Heights, facing different issues. The thing that brings them all together is their grandfather’s taco shop. They all set aside their differences to help the taco shop survive in a neighborhood suffering from gentrification. Just as they begin to find a solution, other obstacles presents itself to each of them.

The first season is currently available exclusively on Netflix. But be sure to pace yourself. There are ten episodes that are approximately 30 minutes each. If what I wrote above hasn’t peaked your interest enough to dive right in, check out the trailer below. If you’ve watched the series already, let us know what you think.