“Tears” by Soufside Zo

Updated 9/20/2022

If you listen to this song without paying attention to the title and artist, you would believe it’s a new track from Young Thug making its way around major radio stations. Tears by Soufside Zo has an official level sound and Zo’s ability to deliver is obvious on this track.

Soufside Zo originates from the Southside of Atlanta where he grew up with a single mom and two siblings. Witnessing the struggles, Zo made up his mind to grind and did so by following his passion to create music. He believed by putting everything he had in his music, there was no way he couldn’t make it out with his family. That hard work has manifested into a new project release this year titled “One Way Up”, which includes Tears as track number 8.

Tears is currently available for streaming on Apple Music and Spotify. For more information about Soufside Zo, follow him on Instagram and Twitter.