Doza the Drum Dealer samples Coming to America in new release titled “Queen”

When Eddie Murphy created Coming to America in 1988, I’m sure he didn’t imagine how many samples would come from the movie. One of the most memorable samples of the movie growing up came from Ludacris when he released a song similarly named “Coming 2 America” with his own parody version. Now, we have a new artist taking a play from the old playbook.

Brooklyn based artist, producer, and songwriter, Doza the Drum Dealer, released a new track titled Queen which sampled the 1988 movie. The song samples the part of the movie where Oha sings a song for Prince Akeem’s wedding. The song, which was terribly song in the movie, has been imitated for fun for many years. Doza took the most recognizable part of the song and placed it on repeat through his new track, Queen.

The sample alone makes this new song stand out. It should also grab the attention of the 30+ hip hop lovers. But the song wasn’t aimed at being parody. Doza meant for this song to be an ode to women who stuck by their guy through the hard times. Rode the bus with them and didn’t focus on materialistic items. Doza believes songs focused on praising those type of women don’t exist anymore, and the focus seems to be about materialistic possessions. “This song is for couples who only have the minimum monetarily but have the maximum where it counts.”

Queen is currently available on Apple Music and Spotify. For more information about Doza the Drum Dealer, follow him on Instagram.