[NEW VIDEO] Latte Samuels drops a new video for her debut single “I Said What I Said”

She said what she said! You heard her! If you didn’t, then be sure to check out the new single titled I Said What I Said by Latte Samuels. The Miami native released this smooth new vibe, which features a catchy bass line, as a soft musical debut. Samuels has now followed up the March 5, 2020 release of the audio version with the release of the visual, which is now available on YouTube and posted below. As a model with connections to publications such as Vogue Italia, Elle, Glamour, and The New York Times, Latte Samuels stays in character in the new music video, modeling varies outfits and poses.

This is just the beginning for Samuels. Although plans have not been outlined for the future, I assume the outcome of the soft debut will drive future plans in regard to new releases and music videos. The audio version of I Said What I Said is available on Spotify and Apple Music. For more information about Latte Samuels, follow her on Instagram and Twitter.