“Golden Beach” by Drew Deleon ft Young Ceez

A few months back, I came across this song from an up and coming artist from Las Vegas. The song is called Golden Beach by Drew Deleon ft. Young Ceez. The song is currently available on Apple Music and Spotify.

Part of the confusion that led to this song being lost in the mix was that the artist was evolving. At the time, Drew Deleon was known as ThuPlug, but then changed his name. Not sure why, but I would say it was for good and looks much better for future releases. Deleon has also made other changes, moving from Las Vegas to chase his dreams of beckoning a force on the music scene in Tokyo, Japan.

Drew Deleon is just getting started. After making his debut in 2019, he has been consistent with releasing a steady stream of singles. Since the release of Golden Beach, his second song released, he has put out six more singles, All available on Apple Music and Spotify.

Check out Golden Beach, before moving to the newer releasing, and let us know what you think. For more information about Drew Deleon, follow him on Instagram.