“WTF” by Kenny

Many people who call themselves fans of hip hop usually mean they are into mainstream hip hop. The type of hip hop that has shifted towards pop and commercial music over the years. However, if you give those same people street hop, real hip hop where the artist is passionate, open, and blunt with his listeners, those same fans start to fade. WTF by Kenny is made for those listeners who would remaining to listen to the real art we call hip hop.

Kenny, who is based in Toronto, ON, put it all into this track. Pure passion coming straight from the soul. Kenny’s motivation for this song is the thought of fully addressing naysayers without disguising his message with clever wording. He also stated that he wanted to “address simple and standard generalizations in the world from all prospectives no matter your race, age, gender, or situation.”

WTF is available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify. For more about Kenny, follow him on Instagram.