This Week on Twitter (4/12 – 4/18)

I’ve been having this idea of highlighting some of the craziness that I’ve witnessed on Twitter throughout any given week. I feel I see a lot, and usually share what I experience verbally with others, but they do not get the full experience from my stories. “You just have to see it for yourself!”

Now, I am not sure if you have a twitter or if you are fluent in Twitter language/culture. But if you did not know, Twitter can be a dark place. Things can go from good to bad really quick. You may have followers, but there are no friends. A bad picture, a bad take, or some crazy videos can go viral for all of the wrong reasons. You will get roasted and will need to seek protective custody.

If you do not believe, check out some of the crazy things I have seen this past week. Now, this is not the end all be all, this is mostly just this week. If I get good feedback from this post, I will share more of what I witness. Check it all out below and let me know what you think!

The Tweets!

Now this is dangerous and I encourage all women to be aware of their surroundings. Moving forward, I may be focused on humor more so than things that are serious, but this should be seen. Be careful with sharing your information, no matter where you are and who is around you. You may find yourself in this situation.

Now there are certain groups of people who believe racism is something that is long gone and does not exist currently. This video will blow them away. For the rest of us, we know it still exist but hides in the shadows or under the cover of policies, procedures, laws, etc. However, this is some blatant shit, but is also very clear that things are not as progressive as we’d like to think they are. This idiocy is common, but less frequently recorded.

I feel bad about this one right here. From what I understand, folks were trying to save this dog, but couldn’t get it done. Unfortunately, different version of the original video went viral that made it seems like no one was trying to save the dogs. I have added this because of how viral it became and the comments. That dog wanted to make it and someone tried to save him. It just did not work out.

This is an epic story. Honestly, you should just read this whole thread. I don’t think you will be disappointed from an entertainment standpoint.

A crazy little free for all, three-way fight. Not promoting violence, but if you are fighting, it should be a fair fight. The guy with the fro definitely won. The hoodie was definitely in last place. I am not sure how this began, but entertaining nonetheless.

When your friend calls you out on social media for going after someone else, are you still considered friends? I don’t think so. Especially after revealing this little story.

I think this guy has been in the house too long. If it weren’t for the Chicago Bulls documentary, The Last Dance, being released, I think this would have been me by next week. When you are in need of sports…

Blueface captured a moment between a few house guest during…a get together, I believe. As you can see, there is a lot going on. Twerking, a lot of hanging out, oh, and a fight. While this is no UFC 249, its something.

If you see something crazy on social media during the week, send it over!