Last Week on Twitter (4/19 – 4/25)

I had fun with last week’s post. I usually see all of this craziness for myself and have no one to share it with. So why not share it again? Here are some of the craziest tweets that I’ve come across this past week with some added commentary.

Before you get mad about the inclusion of this tweet in our post, read through thread (if you know what a thread is). She clowned on folks, then got clowned on. This went “viral” because, let’s be honest, there’s a double standard that exists between men and women. Not going to go down the rabbit hole of specifics, but check out the many threads under there post inn addition to the original poster’s (OP) responses to see what I mean. If you don’t understand then, send me a message for an explanation.

This is just sad. YIKES! Imagine making the biggest leap, romantically, of your life and it turns out to be this bullshit. Ladies, I get it. This is messed up. Just check it out and let me know what you would do.

Just last week, we had a racist post included in our social media wrap up. Unfortunately, racism is so common, it made the cut again this week. However, the reason why this one made it is because this is in my own backyard, Arizona. I don’t feel bad for any of these little idiots. Like Kanye said, AIN’T NO HOLD UP! I hope the shame follows her until she TRULY learns her lesson.

Ok, for the real controversial stuff! This is some nasty shit. I know, this isn’t real period blood, but put yourself in his shoes. If you are a woman, imagine your friend walked across your face and dripped period blood in… Yooo! I could even finish that sentence! Smh, I’d be just as angry. The craziest parts of this post are the replies. Some people don’t think his anger is justified. Idk… It’s hard for me to imagine anyone being as calm as he is. And I think he is calm considering the circumstances.

You’ve probably seen me post this already earlier last week. I couldn’t even wait for the wrap up. Sorry guys. But isn’t this ridiculous? Imagine whoever made this being so wrapped up in their own idiocy, taking their two brain cells and rubbing them together to come up with a statement this dumb. Just compare the history behind the two words… It doesn’t compare! And if that’s not enough, I would hope this lady realizes that she spelled out “Karen” but put “N-word”. Imagine thinking two terms are the same when you can’t mention one of them. Dumbass Karen…

This is just funny AF because I can definitely see it. The bible does create the picture of God having different moods. The “you’re in good hands” mood. The “I have a plan, but you don’t know what it is” mood. The “everything is good, enjoy life” mood. Then there’s Samuel L. Jackson and all the plagues and punishments. Sorry, I felt I had to call that mood out. We all knew which one he was, right?!

I can’t wait to be a dad. To teach my son all the things I’ve learned; the successes, the failures, the love, the hurt, how to be a leader, how to be great, and how to love, among other things. I’d love to inspire him to explore life on his own, responsibly. But I can’t imagine finding his iPad, seeing his searches, initially thinking he is on that journey, only to see this… I mean, what do you do? Depending on his age, we may have to square up to teach him another lesson.

We are in an unprecedented time in the modern era. We are being asked to stay inside and not leave our living spaces unless it is for essential activities only in order to limit the exposure of a virus for which we have no cure and that which is killing MANY people. That sentence is long and crazy, but is true. If you read that sentence last year, you would think I was nuts. Anyone currently disagreeing would be considered nuts now.

Well, these folks are beyond nuts. It seems as if they organized an outing at a park in order to protest the quarantine restrictions which limits everyone from leaving their homes. These people, and others who are out protesting now, feel that they have been oppressed by being asked to stay inside to avoid getting sick and spreading the virus. These are the same people who had all of the rhetoric in the world for Colin Kaepernick and his protest against POC. Those present in this video are appalled that this lady (shall we call her Karen?) was arrested for not complying with the requests of law enforcement. She didn’t even get punched, slammed, tased, kicked, or shot. What’s the issue then?! What happened to “just comply and you wouldn’t have this problem”, Karen? Anyway, this had to be added because it is ridiculous, but highly entertaining. I don’t know many who are volunteering to get or add to their criminal record for something so dumb.

You’ve probably seen this post on our social media as well. Right now, we have limited exposure to sports, so we all knew the NFL draft was going to be watched more than previous years. I mean, we are desperate! So, with all of this information, why would you, as the girlfriend of a prospective draft pick, gamble on grabbing your boyfriend’s phone on NATIONAL TELEVISION knowing he’s the modern MC Hammer (can’t touch this)?! I mean, I have heard of daredevils, but even they are calculated. No one sets themselves up for this type of embarrassment. Now, they have both made attempts at refuting the image that this post portrays but the damage is already done.

I feel so bad for this child. She is young, just figuring out about the world and is dealing with some crazy pandemic stuff. Not only that, she is stuck in the house with her parents 24/7. I’ve heard from many Parents and they honestly believe they are the only ones who need a vacation. Trust me, those kids want y’all gone too! They want to WILD OUT!

Now imagine being stuck with your mom in the house, who doesn’t have to leave the house for work, and she gives you this demon doll. What is this?! Look at the face of this thing! I hope CPS is considered an essential service in this child’s area because someone needs to investigate. If you think I am being dramatic, look at the post! Even Twitter thought it was crazy enough to put a sensitivity warning on the image of this post!

REMEMBER, if you see something crazy on social media during the week, send it over!