Rodney-O Returns to The Scene with A New Single Titled “Home All Day (Getting Paid)”

I am always looking for new music to add to the car ride rotation. Sometimes I get in the car and am in the mood for some R&B, sometimes conscious rap, and other times just whatever sounds good. But there are also those times when you get in the car feeling yourself a little bit, want to drive with the windows down, shades on, and need a song to match your energy. One with some bass in it. “Home All Day (Getting Paid)” by Rodney O is that type of song. To get the best out of this song, you have to have the speakers though.

Rodney O is an OG in the game who previously worked with another artist under the name Rodney-O & Joe Cooley back in the 80s after being a part of the Caution Crew in 1983. From Southern California, Rodney O has spread his music all over reaching speakers in South Florida all the way from Southern California. Prior to the spread of the pandemic, Rodney O had been putting in work for several new tracks. This song speaks to the happenings of today (being home all day), but making the most of the opportunity to get things done (getting paid). This new single is available for streaming on both Apple Music and Spotify. Check out the song and visual below and let me know what you think.