What You Missed Last Week on Social Media (4/26 – 5/2)

It’s Throwback Thursday! We have just about made it to the end of the week. How about we celebrate by taking a look back at the things you may have missed on social media last week. Yeah, I know, better late than never though.

Let’s start off with something a little less serious. We have your friendly gang member greeting an even friendlier gang member in a local grocery store. Nothing out of the norm, right?! If you can’t sense the sarcasm, these are just two people protecting themselves from the dangers of COVID-19. One guy decided to have fun with it and brought his camera along.

Maybe its because I still have the mind of a teenage kid sometimes, or that it was trippy af, or because this whole skit was put together and acted out by her only. Whatever the reason, I thoroughly enjoyed watching this skit, and have watched and shared it over and over since discovering it. Please excuse the teenager in me, but the daydreaming part with the pants at her ankles, hilarious. Who knew women thought just like us… I know, I have shared this with others who didn’t agree but I have watched it after their dissent and I still think that part is hilarious. Then the out of box thinking with the virtual game world. What was that?! I just think the attention to detail in this video was pretty good. Maybe its just me, but she has a following for a reason. Let me know what you think after watching both portions of the video (you have to slide to the next video to see the 2nd part).

I had to include this. We have all heard of the word “blasphemy” right? The first time I heard the word, it was in the religious sense. But at that point, I did not know what it meant. For those who do not know the definition of blasphemy, it is the act of speaking sacrilegious of sacred things. I can hear some of you now. “What does sacrilegious mean?” Sacrilegious means disrespectful, or taboo. Now that we have the definitions out of the way, I am sure you can see how this term fits regarding the post below. How are you going to talk about the show “Martin” in this manner?! Using Martin Lawrence’s internet to slander his name, I just don’t understand how she hasn’t been arrested yet.

As you probably can tell by now, I included this post based on my personal bias… But I stand by it, Dammit!

With all the things to protest or have an issue with, people of privilege choose this to protest. The thing that boggles my mind is that these people really believe this is the hill to die on. These are the same type of people who criticized those like Kaepernick, BLM, and those who protested legit concerns, such as police brutality and unjust killings against minorities. Imagine breaking laws, but calling someone unpatriotic for exercising his first amendment rights…

Here is another one of those people who lack intelligence. This lady decided to buy a plane ticket to go wherever, and thought she would get special social distancing treatment. I honestly believe the response to her tweet is commentary enough to explain and expose her stupidity. I give the response a 10 out of 10.

Whenever there is an “officer involved shooting” and people of color are involved, police usually recite the line that the person had a gun or they believed they had a gun. That statement is usually followed by them claiming they feared for their lives. Without getting into whether or not their statements are true, here we have a bunch of individuals protesting that are definitely armed with guns. It is very strange that when protest like these take place, there are no issues. The police know they have guns, but for some reason, I guess no one is fearing for their life…??? Really?! How could that be? Is it the type of guns carried by these individuals? They never specified that before. Is it the place where it is happening. Well, this is a government building. I would say this is a place where guns should not be allowed. I wonder what the difference is between these protestors and others who exercise their 2nd amendment rights… I wonder…

Now, look at the treatment of the guys above who brought guns into a government building. There are rarely reports of confrontations because the police usually don’t engage the guys above the way they engage, lets say, the little girl below. Yes, this police officer has shown us that a 14 year old kid who allegedly is in possession of marijuana should be handled more aggressively than folks who clearly oppose government orders and are carrying guns into a government building to send a message. Makes sense? I am not surprised by the arrest, but the punches during the arrest. This happens all the time and is posted consistently on social media. People may nitpick at this video, but there are many other things they would have to explain in order to successful rid everyone of the belief that law enforcement treats people of color differently.

This post may be a little late in regard to its relevance. The Popeyes chicken sandwich craze died down a few months ago. However, this animation is a unique twist to the beef between two franchises that do not promote beef products. If you are hip to rap battles, I believe you will like this one. Watch the whole video and let me know what you think.

Back to stupidity… A wiseman once said, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.” This was one of the first things to come to my mind when I witnessed this post. Trust me, there were many more thoughts, but I have been told that if I do not have anything nice to say, try to sugarcoat it a little. I feel awful for this little baby, assuming these are the parents. This video will be on the internet throughout her teenage years and probably will be instrumental in a few bullying incidents. I suspect the bullying episodes will increase sometime around the holidays and may include christmas caroling from the neighborhood children. I wonder if I have a kid now, if they’d be able to join the choir…

I am not a fan of baseball caps with no brims. Its weird. Plain and simple. And I just learned about the origin of this phrase. It’s funny because it seems this was a trend that just started, hence the headstone in the meme (top video above). It did not take long for someone to grab a hold of the phrase and ruin it. The best part of the terrible reenactment of the original are the replies. I had to include my favorite reply, but check out the others on Twitter (I hope you know how to do that. Please don’t make me have to create a Twitter tutorial).

Times are hard with this COVID-19 stuff. In Oregon, they want to make sure things stay hard (sorry, it was too easy). In the spirit of social distancing, Oregon has made it possible for you to get your strip club fix on while staying in your car by incorporating the drive thru experience. Innovation, you gotta love it! Do you think it was this same type of innovation from Oregonians back in the 1800s that led to the Oregon Trail? Starting to make sense to me. Wouldn’t be surprised…

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