A Glimpse of the Last 2 Weeks On Social Media | 5/3/20 – 5/16/2020

This week, we are covering some of our favorite posts on social media from the last two weeks. Last week was a busy week, but we did not forget about you. If you have not checked the previous posts, you can see Week 1 and Week 2 by hitting the links. This week, we tried to come up with some edgy stuff. We received some suggestions that we should be a bit more risky, so I will warn you now that some of the posts below are NSFW. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

A lot of people nowadays are soft compared to back in the day. For instance, about 15+ years ago, it was understood that coaches made the rules for kids while playing sports. Parents made the rules for their kids at home and everywhere else. While with the team, the coaches were the parents. What that meant is that you, as the player, might get some yelling from the coach, some cursing, and there was definitely punishments in the form of running, pushups, or whatever (unless we’re talking Bobby Knight).

Cursing wasn’t something to be shocked about, and was definitely not something a coach would be fired over. However, today this is not the case. The video below was posted in the past couple of weeks. The coach gets the team hyped up over a cheer that is not one that is appropriate to say in the classroom, and not at home, but is definitely appropriate for the field. I guess this video got the coach fired. Smh, tsk tsk. Anyway, if this were my coach, I would have been way too hyped, would have played the best game of the season, and would have protested the coach’s firing afterwards.

Had to add this because it was just funny. For those of you who do not have twitter, this tweet explains twitter. Everything is within limits. Any subject. Cyberbullying lives on twitter. It is not for the meek, mild, or faint at heart. Guys, if this is your line, go ahead and retire it before joining twitter and sliding in the DMs.

If I had to see it, you have to see it. Sorry bucko! I don’t know if there is anything to add to this. Just watch it! I must say, it is uncomfortable, and I couldn’t watch the whole video. I feel the person who made this should have to pay a fine. But this is what you missed on social media in the past couple weeks, so I had to. Don’t shoot the messenger!

Keeping with the trend of, uh, let’s just say awkward photos, it looks like the person who tweeted this is not a Logic fan. Well, its not that he is criticizing Logic’s music. He just is not a fan of his OnlyFans content. Ok, this is not Logic. Well, I don’t think it is… But I am sure you can see the resemblance between the two. Would you subscribe to see Logic live?

I am not saying cheating is right! I am not cosigning this guy’s actions! …However, if you are a person who must cheat, wouldn’t you think you should cover your tracks?! Maybe the guy mentioned in this tweet is new to Apple products and didn’t know his iMessages could be linked his laptop as well as his phone. Maybe he didn’t know his girlfriend had access to his laptop. But c’mon son! Do your homework if you are going to be grimy like this! If you knew better, you’d do better! Lock your computer. Disconnect your iMessages from your computer. Or, simply, don’t cheat! I am not going to lie though, I would pay to see how the conversation went when buddy finally got home…

Continuing with the cheating trend (I promise you I do not condone this), this young lady has provided us with a tip about how to get away with receiving messages from your side piece. Just list their name in your phone as “Settings” and add the setting gear picture as their profile picture. I think this could work against someone who is extremely slow. But for someone with sense, I think they’ll be wondering why settings has a bunch of notifications. And if you are dating the detective from the tweet above, your significant other will be reading your texts from you laptop.

There are some real ignorant people out there in the world. This girl just happened to confirm her ignorance in public. She is not purely concerned with the police brutality against black men. Her concern is the brutality that is happening against the ones she is attracted to. And even when she was called out, she was not worried about what she said. She didn’t think to explain or bring the comment back. Instead, she hoped her tweet went viral instead of the tweet that called her out. I feel this chick is a sneeze away from being brain dead.

We have been hearing a lot about the Karen’s lately. It seems like they are everywhere making fools of themselves in public. Because so much footage has been capture of their non-sense, someone decided to put a commercial together. It is hilarious. Probably one of the best things I have seen these past two weeks on the net. The tweet responding to this commercial says the service is real.

I feel bad for this lady. I know its a joke, or at least I hope she is joking, but there are people out there that accept any excuse when they are confronted with evidence of cheating.

I just can’t do it. I know people that do, but this is what I think of when someone mentions eating food at a strip club. I don’t care how good the steak or wings are, it should not be enclosed in a place where private parts are being aired out.

This topic probably won’t die down for a while and will probably have this type of affect on a few relationships. One person secretly recorded his roommate and his ex-girlfriend as they argued about him breaking up with her. Why did he break up with her? Well, because she created an OnlyFans account. Now there are people on both sides of this. Some say he is wrong while others say she is wrong. People have preferences. She can create an OnlyFans if she wants. That is her choice. He can choose not to date someone who has an OnlyFans. That is his choice. However, her being mad about him exercising his choice and tearing up things in his place, well, that’s just wrong.

This has to be a joke. It has to be. Someone shared this video on Twitter which shows a lady giving some cooking tips. Now there are already a bunch of jokes out there about POC being the only folks who season their food, but who would’ve believed it was this bad? She said to make sure the chicken was well seasoned, but you can’t even see the seasoning. I think she sprinkled a bit of hope on the chicken and that’s it. I feel bad for whoever will be eating that. That’s why I usually have my own seasonings ready.

There is a new trend on social media that includes this song in the video above. The video focuses on how the emotion of individuals change from when they first arrive to a specific event to once they find out it was not what they expected. There have been many versions of this video, but I think this one has to be one of the best. Imagine just having fun hanging out with your mom and the clips go viral.

Tekashi 69 is out of jail and causing trouble again. He doesn’t have his gang around him to back him up anymore because, well, he snitched on them. But that has not stopped him from being a social media pest. 69 is now trolling many stars including Snoop Dogg. It sounds like this is not the first time. Now, I know Snoop was not kidding when he made this video, but I found it to be hilarious because it reminded me of the video directly below Snoop’s video message. Do you think Snoop’s video was influenced by the video immediately below it?

I wonder, has anyone asked if this is the same person? I mean, it is 2020. Maybe…

Have you seen the movie “Braveheart”? Well, if you ever heard the term “Braveheart” used in a way that references the movie, but they were clearly not talking about the movie, the tweet below is probably what they meant. I bet… never mind…

With all of the new tiktok dances going viral, this does not only apply to kids anymore. Teenagers and young adults are basically doing the same thing with these dance routine videos. After the initial viral video, the rest of them start to look just like this. If you ever wondered how your followers feel about you making a trend video, look at the faces of the people in the video above.

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