A New Hip-Hop/Jazz Fusion from BermudaCal titled “Wait Up For Me”

Finally, we have some new music to share with you. During times where things are hectic and stressful, music is the thing to calm you down or at least get you through. BermudaCal, an artist from the UK, has recently released a hip-hop & jazz fusion titled Wait Up For Me. The song is currently available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify.

This song hits the mark on many levels. From the saxophone solo, the seamless pairing of jazz and hip hop, and the added effects. What’s even more impressive is that the entire production, mixing, mastering, vocals, and saxophone in the song were done by BermudaCal himself. Not many artists are able to handle put together a track by themselves from start to finish. Although we’ve covered a few artists who can, it is very rare, which puts up and conning artists like BC in a class of their own.

BermudaCal has already performed internationally from London to Mexico City. He is currently looking to add to his resume and spread his music to new ears. For more information about BermudaCal, follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.