Lita Drops New Italian Trap Titled “Ciao Ciao”

Lilian Caputo, professionally known as Lita, recently released an Italian influenced trap/pop fusion titled Ciao Ciao. The song was inspired by the recording of an opera aria titled La Traviata , which can be heard in the background of the track, sang by Fiammetta Izzo D’amico, Lita’s mother. Ciao Ciao is available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify.

Ciao Ciao illustrates a situation where one individual traveled away from home for the summer and found themselves involved in a Summer fling. The two then reach the end of the summer and Lita is faced with having to decide to either end the summer fling and return home, or stay with her new love and begin a new journey in a foreign place. It’s currently unclear if this song describes a past situation which actually took Lita’s life.

Lita utilized her experiences growing up in Rome, Italy and being around traditional Italian music to put this track together. From the language to the family history and aria sample, her Italian roots are deeply woven into the mix. The plan is to continue blending her American experiences and Italian roots to influence popular music and put Italian music on the map. For more information about Lita, follow her on Instagram.