“Strawberry Skies” by Kid Travis

When I come across songs like Strawberry Skies by Kid Travis, I am very grateful for the opportunity to review or share the songs submitted to us. We get a lot of submissions here and it takes a lot of time to get through them all. The reward for the time spent is hearing songs like this. Although Kid Travis is new to me and maybe new to you, he has already built a fanbase with 437k subscribers on YouTube. I’m sure it’s all from creating musical magic like Strawberry Skies.

Now, because I’m obviously late to the Kid Travis party, I had to check out a few other tracks to see what I’ve missed. Kid Travis has a healthy amount of cover tracks available for streaming on Apple Music and Spotify. When it comes to his originals, he does not limit himself to one style or genre. This is likely the key to his appeal. Before jumping and exploring his discography, be sure to 1) subscribe to Kid Travis’s YouTube channel to get updates for new song releases, and 2) check out the full version of Strawberry Skies.

Strawberry Skies is available to stream on both Apple Music and Spotify. For more information about Kid Travis, follow him on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.