City Morgue releases “The Electronic Experience” with new EP “Toxic Booogaloo”

When rock meets hip hop, explosive things happen like the new track from City Morgue titled The Electric Experience. This song does nothing but stand out from what you normally hear. During my first listen, the traditional hip hop fan in me wanted to turn it off because it wasn’t the type of hip hop I was expecting or usually listen to. However, I just couldn’t hit the next button. As the music continued, I noticed I started to smirk a bit and nodding my head to the beat. By the end of the song, I was sold and asking for more. One of my favorite submissions EVER!

City Morgue is a duo from New York who’s music is categorized as Punk Rap, Trap Metal, and Nu Metal. The duo consists of members ZillaKami, also known simply as Zilla, and SosMula. If you aren’t already a fan of this duo, you probably don’t know that Zilla is the secret sauce to the 6ix9ine buzz for many years. Mind you, Zilla is only 20 years of age, but wrote for 6ix9ine early on in 6ix9ine’s career. You should be able to hear it in his music. Much of 6ix9ine success should be attributed to Zilla and his older brother, Righteous P. Zilla has always had the talent, but rented it out to another artist for a few years until he realized he had the golden ticket.

SosMula met Zilla right after being released from jail and got started creating songs right away. Honestly, for now, I don’t have much more information about SosMula. But what I do know is this new release, The Electronic Experience specifically, is, and excuse my language, fire as fuck! Honestly, this song along has made me want to hear more of this in hip hop. Many of us get stuck in our ways, but The Electronic Experience has opened the doors for me. This song forces you to step outside of your comfort zone and gets you hyped at the same time. I’ve already exposed many to this song and the duo and they’ve declared this as their new mornings alarm, workout song, and hype song.

The Electronic Experience is available to stream now on Apple Music and Spotify. But don’t forget to check out the whole EP, Toxic Boogaloo, which is also available on Apple Music and Spotify. For more information about City Morgue, follow them on Instagram. You can also visit their website at