King Quice releases New EP titled “Lost in Paradise”

King Quice has given us something fresh off the press with the release of his new EP titled Lost in Paradise. Quice dug into his bag with this one, producing something much different than what his long times fans may be used to.

If you are like me and have been paying attention to the rise of King Quice for some time, you’re probably used to the vibes that come from songs like Before the Diamonds, Chill, and his One Take contest entry, No Exposure. However, this time he has hit us with something different.

King Quice has stepped away from the raw delivery of rap and has produced an EP with a pop style. And honestly, it’s not bad. One of the best ways an artists can show growth is by showcasing their versatility. And King Quice does it here. Lost in Paradise is a four track project that showcases King Quice’s vocals over Caribbean influenced beats. Just yesterday, a new visual was released for the second track of the EP, Straight Shooter (posted below).

The new EP is available to stream on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, and Google Play. For more information about King Quice, follow him on Instagram.