“Thought Those Were My Last Words” by Dax

We have a new release from Dax, a Canadian rapper who really started from the bottom and rose up (unlike that guy from The Six). Thought Those Were My Last Words is the latest track released along with Dax’s new project titled I’ll Say It For You. The new project is available for streaming on Apple Music and Spotify.

The message of Thought Those Were My Last Words focuses around taking advantage of second chances. Dax outlines what he would do with a second chance, which includes not putting himself down, spending less time chasing women, yeah, and spending less time building up others while abandoning his goals. The song is a big-time motivation song, one that has already been added to one of my personal playlists made to keep me motivated.

I'm done with the fear; ya, I'm done being lazy swear; I'm done with the indecision;
I ain't letting opinions from people deter me or paint me a picture I don't envision;
If I say I'ma do it, I'ma do it regardless of how I'm feeling
I'ma do it regardless how they feeling; I'ma do it regardless of what you expect!

The delivery of the song is another thing to pay attention to when giving this a listen. The change of speed and ability to add emphasizes on certain lyrics with anger/passion adds to the hype of the song and helps illustrate the message. If given a second chance, don’t hold back, chase your dreams, and live your life to the fullest.

For more information about Dax, check him out on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. Be sure to stream Thought Those Were My Last Words on Apple Music and Spotify.