GYYPS Plays Bob Ross in New “YY (Drop Til It Pop)” Video Release

Do you remember Bob Ross, the painter who had a show on PBS back in the day? He was a very talented artist who would make the most amazing portraits from nothing all in front of a camera from start to finish. I enjoyed the show, but many thought he was boring. If you agree with those who thought he was a boring guy, imagine that he started rapping. What do you think of him now? This may sound crazy and be difficult to imagine, but GYYPS has made it possible for us to visualize this hypothetical with the release of his new video and song titled YY (Drop Til It Pop).

Similar to my experience with the Bob Ross show, when I first saw the new video, I was confused and a bit thrown off, but as the music started, I wen was surprised and nodding my head to the beat. The Canoga Park artist experimented with this new track, wanting to think out of the box and try something crazy. The song is easy to catch on to with the heavy bass line and high energy hook. This song is included in his new project, Boe 2, which was just released September 3rd on both Apple Music and Spotify. GYYPS has now released five projects in total and looking to expand awareness with this latest release.

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