Khamari Continues to Impress with New Single titled “That Girl”

Khamari gives us romance in a song with his new single, That Girl, which is just his third single released ever. I rarely use trendy catchphrases, but it seems more than appropriate right now, this guy just can’t miss!

The new single features Khamari singing over an electronic guitar solo. When listening to this song, I picture a performance perfect for a coffee shop or open mic setting. The song is intimate and would demand full attention in that setting. That Girl was produced by Trackside and co-written with Nevin Sastry. This song, as well as the previous releases, prepares us for Khamari’s debut EP titled Eldorado, which is set for October 23, 2020. Until then, That Girl is available to stream and enjoy on Apple Music and Spotify.

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